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2nd Visit to the Supreme Court 5 April 2019

Annual Lunch on HQS Wellington 13 November 2018

                             Fahad Al Binali, Ghadnana Binali, Pauline Jones, Peter Sincock

                                                         John Severn, Suzy Sheppard

                                                          Ian McDonald, Angie Wells

                                                    Rodney Preece, Enid Billington

                                                        Samar al Gailani, John Cabrera

                           Jeremy Williams, Lisette Price, Heather Harper, Stephen Price

                             Berry Preece, John Severn, Laurel Winter, Robert Chase

Portsmouth 15 May 2018

AGM – 19 March 2018

Ava Garbutt talk on CPISP – 30 August 2017

Visit to Apsley House – 4 May 2017

Outside the Wellinghton Arch

Margaret & Simon Thomson

Edward & Angie Wells

Tea-Party on HQS Wellington – 21 July 2016

TeaParty-Ambassador on deck

Ian Grimshaw, Laurel Winter, HE The Ambassador, Sheila Millard, Tony Williams, Brian Millard

Guests 2 Guests1 IMG_7575 IMG_7579

IMG_4116John Davey        Lone Irwin        Robert Grey         Patrick Irwin    Angela Rice       John Rice

Presentation to Margaret Colley

Dining5 Dining4 Dining3 Dining1

In the dining room on HQS Wellington

 LaurelMargaretEnid & Maha

                  Laurel Winter & Margaret Colley                            Enid Billington & Maha Shihata


              Ron Brind & Barbara Cooper                                      Dadoo Suttar & Ian McDonald

Time for speeches

Exhibition of Bahraini Art at the V and A – 25 May 2016

VandA7 VandA6 VandA4 VandA5 VandA3 VandA2 VandA1 VandA8

Bahrain Trip – 10 to 16 May 2016


At the BBBF Luncheon

Royal Golf Club

At the Royal Golf Club at Rifa’a

Royal Golf Club 2

Sitting: Peter Sincock, Maryel Cowell, Ginnie Sincock, Laurel Winter
Standing: Dr.Dhafar Ahmed Alumran, Bob Cowell, Andrew Wales
At the Royal Golf Club

British Club

At the British Club

 An Evening with the Ambassadors – 12 April 2016

The Panel

Ian Lewty, Robin Lamb, Peter Sincock, Sir John Shepherd, Sir Harold Walker